BRANDON PLANTATION    Acreage  FSA Tract Number: 541Total Acres: 4,487 acres FSA Cropland: 1,576.97 acres FSA Double Crop Acres: 669 acres Timberland: 2,848 acres Balance: 63 acres (House sites, roads, etc.)   Location    Prince George County, Virginia, 108 miles south of Washington DC,   30 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia and 62 miles northwest of Virginia Beach, Virginia..   Description  Brandon Plantation is a contiguous 4,487-acre plantation located in Prince George County, Virginia, on the James River and Upper Chippokes Creek approximately 30 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia. It is one of the oldest continuous farming operations in the United States and is one of the finest working farms in Virginia.   The circa 1765 brick residence is cited in the National Register application as “one of the most sophisticated of Virginia’s eighteenth century structures. Next to Monticello, it is probably the most purely palladium Virginia home of its Period.” The residence and curtilage cover approximately 60 acres, including roughly 30 acres of grounds and gardens running to the river. Brandon Plantation is a single parcel and contiguous tract of land that is well suited for timber and row crop production.  The topography of the farm is level to gently sloping and it has extensive frontage on the James River and the Upper Chippokes Creek. The row crop ground is situated on the riverside of the property and the timberland primarily on the opposite end. The fields are unusually large for this region of Virginia and thus more efficient to farm.  Brandon Plantation is a highly productive farm and well managed for row crop and timber production.   Crop Bases   Wheat: 655.9 acres/ 60 bu. direct yield Corn: 623.5 acres/ 108 bu. direct yield Soybeans: 737.3 acres/ 29 bu. direct yield Barley: 40.3 acres/ 59 bu. direct yield    Soils  The Pamunkey Soil Series is the predominant soil type on Brandon Plantation. The Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientist selected Pamunkey as the Virginia State Soil. Pamunkey is considered to be the best soil type in Virginia and is designated as a Class 1 soil with 0-2% slopes. The predominant Pamunkey soil and the expansive row crop acreage is truly rare in Virginia, particularly on farms as large as Brandon Plantation. Pamunkey soils have a high natural fertility and produce high yielding crops. They are deep, well drained, and nearly level. Typically, they have a sandy loam surface layer and sandy clay loam subsoil underlain by sandy and loamy substrata. They were the first soils used to grow crops by the settlers in Jamestown and probably the reason the settlements survived. The soil was named after a nearby river that was named for the Pamunkey Indian Nation that also farmed this rich soil. The other soil types of significance include Argent silt loam, Bojac loamy sand, and Bolling silt loam.   Improvements  Barn/Sable: 50x150 (two-story brick with hay storage) Barn/Stable: 40x151 (two-story brick with hay storage) Steel Utility Shed: 48x100 Steel Utility Shed: 40x50 Stable: 34x55 Stable: 34x55 Pole Building: 30x80 Pole Building: 30x55 (two-story) Pole Building: 53x118 Pole Building: 28x70 Pole Building: 26x28 Pole Building: 50x56 Lean-to: 3x93 Lean-to: 26x38 Lean-to: 18x150 Garage/Shed: 22x40 Machine Shed: 10x6 Tile Silo with Copper Roof Farm Office: 60x18 11 Dwellings and 2 Apartments The farm has a grain storage facility that the farmer is currently using to store approximately 62,000 bushels of corn.   County Road Frontage  Brandon Road Upper Brandon Road Willow Hill Road Chippokes Road James River Road Point Road         
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